Our Guide

Art is law.
Everything else connects.

One idea. Two heads. Three pillars. In our opinion, that's all it takes to change the art world. And with it the way in which we create, experience and sell art. Because digitization isn't just changing that The way we look at things or interact with each other. It also gives us completely new tools. Also and especially in art.

Dinya gives these new possibilities a place in the world, brings people together, enables, strengthens and accompanies them. And of course Dinya is also a business model. One that ensures that everyone involved gets their fair share of an admittedly pretty received the big cake. But above all is art. It is the common thread, the guiding principle of our actions. The law. Everything else connects.

The Three Pillars of Dinya


Distribute Art.

We sell the artworks of classical and digital artists after they have been converted into NFTs. Through our website. On the various online exchanges. And at exclusive Dinya events around the world.


Experience art.

We gather classic and digital artists of all disciplines, technology enthusiasts, NFT collectors, art lovers, gallery owners, curators, art experts and many more in a creative melting pot.


Create art.

We work with artists datan to make the step into the digital world and develop the alchemy to fuse classical and digital art in a revolutionary way.